Web Metrics, BI & Real-Time KPIs Dashboards

In order to increase our online sales, we must…

There is an easy answer. You should invest on what generate more profit.
But, how to do that if the amount of data provided from Google Analytics can be overwhelming.
First of all, you should define goals as:

For instance, think on what the most effective way to:
Reach new customers
Grow email list
Increase repeat purchases
Convert more leads
Increase brand value perception

Create KPIs & Measurement Plan

We help your company to not just find Cost per lead, but also see things like, Cost per lead segmented by traffic source.

We help you to define what success looks like regarding your Goals.

A mesuarement that is frequently used to gauge success is the retention of users that fill your contact or product form.
How many users have started to fill the form but didn't completed it, this metric helps us to optimize the form to maximize entries and determe sticking points for users.

How to improve

Once the successful KPIs have been defined, we start implementing the tags on your website in order to "photograph" the current stage. We will take 3 photos from days with good conversion volume and 3 photos from days with low performance. With that we are able to verify the points of improvement needed for a better conversion on the site. These indicators are important because they will show later if something is out of the expected curve, enabling faster correction actions by the IT and development team.

Tags Review & Implementation

We review not just the tags, but the logic of your site's sales flow. We have jointly created a KPI with performance indicators, to quickly indicate possible problems on your website, such as excessive screen loading time, navigation problems, among other factors that can interfere with a good user experience.

Analysis & Answers

Assists in optimization and improvements. Finally, the result of your efforts: delivering answers to those key questions that will help decision makers navigate their way to acheive goals and overcome challenges. This is where the money comes from, plain and simple.

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