PPC Campaign Managment & Monitoring

Make sure your campaign is running at peak performance

Do you know exactly which traffic source generates the greatest return for your business? Is your site optimized and KPIs are mapped? We help your company identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement to increase your revenue generation potential.

Measure, measure and measure

We develop custom dashboards that not only show the flow of visitors at your site, but also reveal issues and opportunities for improvement, in real time.

Optimization of sales pages

Just as important as a good source of traffic is having a sales page or e-commerce site that converts. Our team monitors your website and helps your company test and understand what converts the most.

Stop wasting money on fraud clicks

According to Bing anti-fraud director, Microsoft’s search engine, fraudulent clicks are growing at a rate of 50% per year. This means that robots may be programmed to click on your ads to spend your campaigns budget. It is possible to identify click fraud in a variety of ways. If you track your ad account daily, an abnormal cost increase over a given period may indicate click fraud. Also, if you have access to the IPs that accessed the site, you can identify by the number of accesses. We can help to your business to implement tools in order to prevent fraud click on Google Ads.

Tag review

We review not just the tags, but the logic of your site's sales flow. We have jointly created a KPI with performance indicators, to quickly indicate possible problems on your website, such as excessive screen loading time, navigation problems, among other factors that can interfere with a good user experience.

More than 10 years of experience

All Google Certifications

Contracts without cancellation penalty

Close, personalized and specialized service


Frequently asked questions

Yes, we analyze and identify problems and optimization opportunities for your campaigns and website. You can implement and monitor the improvements with your own team or, if you prefer, with Rotamáxima's team.

For most businesses, Google Ads converts better. However, depending on the size of your investment, Google Ads may reach a saturation threshold. In other words, your company has already reached 100% of the searches. In these cases it is necessary to expand to other sources of traffic. It is importantly to highlight that every business is different. Our job is precisely to help your company determine which source of traffic and which combination of them is the most profitable.

The investment required depends on business to business and marketing objectives. Regarding the Agency Fee, we work in 2 ways. The first consists of specific consultations, where we identify and map the problems and opportunities of campaigns and landing pages. We help create KPIs and produce real-time reports. The other consists of a continuous monthly follow-up. The agency's value is based on a percentage of 15 to 20% of the investment made in media.

It depends on your business niche and available investment. We help your company to map the ROI of each of the traffic sources in an objective way for the decision.

Yes, we are certified by Google, having professionals with over 10 years of experience.